Bordeaux is Second iRacing SCCA SRF Challenge Champ

We’ve wrapped iRacing’s second season of the online SCCA® Spec Racer Ford Challenge, Presented by the Skip Barber Racing School! Huge congratulations go to Tommy Bordeaux who came seemingly out of nowhere to take the season-two championship!


If you remember back to last season, Bordeaux hung around the top three quite a bit, but just couldn't keep Paul Darling down and lost the lead towards the end of the season. No doubt that loss set his hunger to take this season by storm. Bordeaux started racing online in 2014, but then made his way to karts and later got his SCCA competition license and started racing in Spec Miata. Bordeaux is able to transfer what he learns online to his Spec Miata, further expanding his skillset.


“I've been very excited to be part of the SCCA's first steps into the eMotorsports arena, and I am proud to be a champion that represents the gap being bridged between virtual- and real-world racing,” said Bordeaux. “This past season in the SRF series was a blast as it came down to the final weeks between Zachary LeVey and I before the champion was decided. The Spec Racer Ford provides drivers with close and fun competition on iRacing and has an online community that feels like home, just like the SCCA in real life!”


Even with his win, the gap to second place finisher Zachary Le Vey was only 116 points. A simple, well-timed win by Le Vey could have toppled Bordeaux's hopes for the victory. It was a tremendous drive by both competitors.


There were several other outstanding races this season that resulted in some super tight finishes in the points. Third through fifth place was covered by less than 50 points, with Brett Holton taking John Young by just two points! It was an unbelievable fight those two had over the last few weeks. 


Sitting in sixth is a new name to the group, Suraj Pradhan. Pradhan put up a heck of a fight and managed to land just outside the top five, falling behind by less than 200 points. An impressive drive for starting late in the season. Filling out the rest of the top ten are the familiar names of Jeffrey Minor and Zachary Rivard who had it out right to the end, with Minor coming out on top by just 11 points!


Below are the final results from this second season with overall finishing position, driver name and total points:

1-Tommy Bordeaux, 1016

2-Zachary Le Vey, 900

3-Steve Owens, 751

4-Brett Holton            708

5-John Young, 706

6-Suraj Pradhan, 518

7-Jeffery Minor, 390

8-Zachary Rivard, 379

9-Dustin Decker, 307

10-Joel Bruns, 245

11-Patrick Prevenas, 204

12-Joaquin Effinger, 185

13-Eric Parker, 152

14-Nathan Gess, 150

15-Scott Angelo, 145

16-Andrew Whitston, 103

17-Max King, 103

18-Cyrus Durgin, 86

19-Jon Spears           , 86

20-Daniel Doerr, 63

21-Todd Rushing, 57

22-Andrew Hughson, 47

23-Andrew Benagh, 16

24-Zane Plumley, 15

25-John Brandberg, 4


Thank you to all of the drivers for their participation this season, they put on a great show and we certainly enjoyed watching it! We also need to thank the Skip Barber Racing School for helping us get this started. Without good partners, we can’t do what we do.