New Online Contingency Form for Solo Competitors

In an effort to improve the experience of SCCA Solo competitors, we are excited to announce that we will be beta testing a new process for collecting and submitting contingency information at the next few Tire Rack National Solo events, including the Dixie, Charlotte, and Mineral Wells Champ Tours as well as the Crows Landing ProSolo.

For those competitors finishing in a contingency paying position, we now offer online access to our new Solo Contingency Claim Form.  Filling out this form is simple, and allows each competitor the ability to verify that their information was both accurately recorded, as well as submitted. The form can be found by clicking this link. If you are a contingency winning competitor, before leaving the site on the last day of competition, simply open the Solo Contingency Claim Form page, fill in the required info, upload the require pictures of the car as described, and click submit.  The claims will then be collected by the SCCA and payments issued within 30 days of receiving the claim receipt.  Please be aware, this process does not replace the competitor’s need to preregister with each desired sponsor. 

For those contingency winning competitors that do not have a smart phone, a way to access the form or upload the needed pictures, we will also have the old process in effect.  In that instance, please let the event administrator know.